Good quality and cheap elevator touch-screens?
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I want to purchase a few elevator advertising touch screens. You know, those interactive touch-screens that display all kinds of adverts and slideshows. Problem is, I don't know where to get them.

I need to buy a few good-quality touch screens at retail (if possible, cheap) price. Any good resources on sellers that can ship worldwide? Plus, in case I want to get a good number of them, I would want to cut out the middle men. Does this mean I have to go to China? I wouldn't know where to start because I've never been there before and I'm afraid I'll get ripped off without the proper footing.
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They're definitely not the cheapest, but I have 3 iPads I use in our trade show booth. I start with PowerPoint source presentations on my Win7 laptop, email them to the iPads, tweak them in Apple Keynote, and run them manually or automatically in Keynote.
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Just to clarify, I'm looking for the type of touch screens that come specific for elevators and limited slideshows and advertising, not full-fledged tablets.
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Unless there's really some subcategory of elevator-specific touchscreens I think the general description of the thing you're looking for is a "kiosk" touchscreen or computer. ("Digital signage" is another buzzword that might help in your search.)

It's not clear from your question whether what you want is really just a touchscreen with cables hanging out of it to which you would connect your own driver circuitry and software, or if you're looking for a complete kiosk solution that would allow you to drop in a customized slideshow thing and be done. If it's the former, you might be able to find something cheaper than a super-cheap crappy Android tablet, or there might be other reasons a tablet doesn't do what you want. If the latter, economies of scale are such that a tablet may well be your best bet even if you don't need to use the wifi chipset or the bluetooth or even the speaker.
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You need to look into digital signage products.
To be honest I don't think you're going to get good quality and cheap in the same product. Is there a reason they need to be touchscreen?

You could also use digital photo frames. Those are probably going to be the cheapest. You'd have to update the ads/slideshows manually though.
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I stumbled across this company that deals with retail digital signage only, no stocks or stock prices...
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