Can you translate this?
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Can you translate this inscription? Click here
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linked here
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The photo is hard to read on my computer. But if you are in proximity to the object, this might help.
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It need to turn 90 degrees clockwise. It reads top-to-bottom.
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It's on something that looks like a Japanese sword, so I'm assuming it's Japanese. I thought Google translate had the photo option, but my phone is kind of old and I couldn't get it to work. No longer near the object now, unfortunately.
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This might be easier to read : here
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It's Chinese. 事到萬難須放膽. The literal translation would be "When affairs encounter ten thousand difficulties one must release one's courage" [literally, gall bladder]*

In other words, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

*(Chutzpah resides in the gall bladder. Now you know.)
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