Websites that Mimic a Smart Phone Screen?
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I encountered this website today: a news aggregator that wants you to put it on your smartphone, but if you want to read it on a normal computer you have to read it inside a pretend smartphone.

If this is the only live webdesign instance of imposing phone screen constraints on a normal computer, then it's a lone madman and we've got nothing to worry about. But I'm afraid that there are other instances, though I haven't found anything so far.

Do you know of other websites that's trying to make reading on your computer like reading on your phone, just for fun?
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I've not encountered anything like this before, although it does remind me of something like Apache Ripple. It's certainly common for development emulators to function like this. Given that there seem to be some big companies involved, my guess is that someone built a PhoneGap app, ran out of budget, and then whoever paid for it said "so where's our website?" and they said "uh oh" and came up with this because they forgot to build one.
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That service is designed for mobile devices: "CDFI Connect is news and information by CDFIs and for CDFIs, optimized for mobile devices. It synthesizes industry-generated and OFN-produced content and delivers the latest news in an easy-to-use, always-in-your-hand device, such as a smartphone or tablet."

It redirects you to that page with the mobile version in an IFRAME if you hit it from something that's not a mobile device.
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This site does that as well as other 'text' oriented sites. I can't find the one I was thinking of, but this'll do as an example.
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