Get Me to Some Water, Stat
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Dearest Mefites with Missouri Knowledge: it is so hot, and I want to go swimming so badly! And I mean real swimming -- none of this water park or public pool business. Please tell me of the best waterholes near St. Louis, MO.

Preferably within an hour's drive from the city. Doesn't have to be 100% sanitary (but please don't suggest the Mississippi), nor does it have to be 100% legal (although if it is not, any tips on avoiding the Man would be appreciated). I am primarily interested in weekend during-the-day swimming, but would love to hear your stealth night swimming ideas, too. Bonus points for cliff jumping and deep water. No chlorinated suggestions please. Thank you!
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Swimming holes
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Best answer: We used to go to Johnson's Shut-ins State Park, which does have a place you can cliff jump into the water- about 30 feet if my memory serves. It's a little farther than an hour, but not terrible. There is also Meramec State Park, which I don't 100% remember accurately, but I think has some small cliffs you can jump off of as well. I went float tripping there, not swimming. And it's closer.
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Ooh, we went to Johnson's Shut-ins a couple of times when I was a kid, and it was awesome. You should totally go. It's worth the drive. I was just thinking I should google it (to make sure I remembered the name) and then thewumpusisdead beat me to it.
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Best answer: Meramec State Park
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, and please keep em coming if you have more ideas!
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Best answer: Carlyle Lake is exactly one hour's drive due east of St. Louis (forty-five minutes if Dad had had a bad week). Biggest lake entirely in Illinois, with several beaches and a state park with waterfront access for camping and swimming.

Also there are lots of places to go floating and canoeing on the Meramec River. And Johnson's Shut-ins is awesome. (So is Elephant Rocks State Park, but that's for a non-swimming day.)
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Response by poster: Coming back to my own question to mention, for posterity and in case anyone has the same question in the future, that I have found a new best swimming hole less than 1 hour from St Louis: its at St. Francois park. It is free, and deep, and surrounded by trees; you can bring whatever you want (beer, a picnic, a canoe); its both beachy and has a jumping rock;
and it is way lovelier than the Meramac.
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