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Having a party on Sunday. Menu is mostly settled, salads, appetizers, vegetarian chili, a rice dish, etc. I also have three pounds of 'choice dry-aged top sirloin' and am wondering if there's any prepare-ahead dish I could make and serve at the party. No grilling, no last minute prep but want lots of flavor and easy to serve. Like Ropa Vieja? Your suggestions and recipes, please!
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Please do not make Ropa Vieja out of dry-aged top sirloin. It is a waste of good meat and a waste of money to boot.

The restriction of no grilling is problematic, because to be frank, the best way to cook top sirloin is to grill it. Because it's on the leaner side of beef cuts, it doesn't do as well in braising applications as other cuts (like chuck roast).

I'd consider making steak sandwiches out of the top sirloin, cooking the steaks stove-top rather than grilling them. You want to keep them rare to medium rare to keep the cut edible. I prefer very simply dressed sandwiches like this one, although I suggest arugula in place of romaine.
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Top sirloin will do pretty well with a sear-on-stove/roast-in-oven (or vice versa - Alton Brown sears last), or a broil/roast, just find some reliable instructions for the equipment you have and do not go past the recommended timing. Cook to just medium rare.

Rest very well to room temp and refrigerate whole. Pretty last minute, slice on the grain fairly thin but not lunchmeat thin, serve with sauces and nibbly bits to build mini-sandwiches.

Yeah, do not boil a beautiful top sirloin.
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Oh, a thing I do with sirloin, tri-tip, and London broil: smear in cheap brown/deli mustard, salt, and pepper before searing. You'd think burnt mustard was bad, but it is the opposite.
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You could do a Thai beef salad.
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Yep, as I suspected. The meat will not the partiers meet this time. Thanks for such quick consensus.
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I've had an appetizer of thinly sliced steak, marinated, wrapped around a peapod. Delicious.
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