Driver for M-Audio Midisport 4x4 for Mac 10.9
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I just updated my iMac to 10.9.3 Mavericks. I just discovered that the Midisport 4x4 USB MIDI interface that was using with another Mac doesn't work. It would appear that M-Audio doesn't support 10.9. I tried installing their latest driver for the heck of it but it still doesn't appear to work. Should I just get a new interface or do I have options with this one?
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I should probably note that my MIDI devices are also old and don't support direct USB connection.
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I found this forum thread that suggests that your unit should work with native OSX drivers, you don't necessarily need the M-Audio drivers.

IME, updates for externals can lag well behind major OS updates, especially for older pieces, so my first suggestion would be to try to get info from M-Audio directly about when or if 10.9 compatibility is coming. It might just be really low on their priority list.
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I did some further searching and there's a small app, MIDI Patchbay, which will make it available on 10.9.
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MIDI Patchbay does not do anything special with that particular MIDI interface. It uses the built-in MIDI support in OS X. If MIDI Patchbay works with your interface, I'd expect any app that uses MIDI will also work.
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My midisport 2x2 works fine in 10.9.2 without the drivers.
I would try uninstalling them
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It does work without the drivers and MIDI Patchbay after I uninstalled the drivers. Band In A Box has no trouble using it, either, so I'm good to go. Thanks.
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