Can I really not buy an iTunes giftcard for someone in another country?
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I'd really like to give someone an iTunes gift voucher. Problem: I'm in the UK and they're in the US, and my googling so far says it can't be done cross-border. Is there a workaround I'm missing?
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I don't believe there us any way to do this other than by getting someone in the US to help you.
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I have logged into the Dutch iTunes store to purchase some apps. When trying to buy the app, an alert says "This app only available in the ..." and it takes you to the dutch iTunes store. I created an iTunes account there using an alternate email addy. Maybe that helps.
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eBay is where I get my foreign iTunes cards.
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It is possible for the person in the US to create a UK iTunes account, as humboldt32 says, but that's really cumbersome with updates. iTunes keeps your UK and US purchases separately so you have to log in and out a lot if you have multiple accounts. It also means that if you bought a few apps and there is 2.67 left on your account and you want to buy a new app that costs 2.99 there is no way to do that unless you get another UK gift card. Some people find it worth all the trouble, but as a gift, it's not great.

I'd do what blue_beetle says and use eBay. If you search "us itunes cards" you'll also find plenty of companies that offer US itunes cards and send you the code by e-mail. If you research a bit, you'll find which of those are legit.
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PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ME buy US iTunes cards on eBay all the time to pay for HuluPlus subscriptions from a neighbouring country. OR SO I'VE HEARD.
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