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What kind of frog (or other animal) is making this noise in my backyard?

This is a typical suburban backyard in southern Maine, with the addition of a small artificial pond. We always have a few frogs, but as it's gotten warmer at nights (above 65F) this year there has a different frog joining in. I'm assuming it's a frog - the sounds seems to be coming from the grass right around the pond, but I can't find anything when I investigate (it shuts up when you get close enough).

Frog sound.

The sound is also very loud - easily heard in any room inside the house.

(Note the "regular" frog croaking sound at about eleven seconds in. Those frogs we see all the time.)

Helpfully (maybe) I found this frog hanging out on my back porch this morning. I haven't seen that kind of frog around before so I'm suspecting it's the noisemaker.
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Sounds to me like a very nice Coapes Tree frog. (source) but I think the picture there is not your culprit - that fellow looks like a toad, to me.

Here's a great site with frogs and toads of Maine: Frogs and more Frogs.
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Definitely a treefrog. I've had one calling near my house in Maine this week.
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Seconding Copes tree frog.

The dude on your porch looks a grey tree frog (hyla versacolor). Totally different call.
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Oh, and the background "banjo" sound is a green frog.
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More Maine herp info!
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It sounds like an eastern gray tree frog to me.
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Going by the YouTube videos, it sounds more like a grey tree frog than the coapes tree frog (based on what I'm actually hearing, not the low-fi recording I made); it's definitely one of those. Thanks everyone - glad to know we're attracting a variety of froglife!
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