Another Queens/NYC bar/restaurant question
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I need a bar or restaurant for a small group on Sunday. One of our group however, is my puppy. Another requirement is that it is near the N train, or a quick transfer from the N train on this Sunday (are they still randomly shutting down the 7 train over the weekend?). Beyond that, it's not too picky. I know about the Bohemian Beer Garden, but I am not sure that they allow pets. Sidewalk cafes, anything outdoors should be great.
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I do not believe the Beer Garden allows dogs.
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Don't have an answer for you on a place to go, but I do know the Bohemian Hall does not allow pets.
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Best answer: BringFido has some other options, and they list the Grand Cafe Lounge as being okay with pets at outdoor tables.
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BF actually has an Astoria page with four options.
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Cafe Bar on 34th Ave & 37th St in Astoria (N to Broadway) allows dogs in their outdoor area.
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You're basically looking for somewhere with outdoor street seating that isn't accessed through the bar/restaurant. I'd still call around to make sure they allow pets, but I live right on 30th Ave. (AND LOVE DOGS YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE), and here are a few places I'd consider:

Rapture Lounge has patio seating. On 28th Ave., small, but divey/quirky with good drink specials, although depending on when you're there, they might be having comedy. Looks like their website is suspended atm.

The Strand has a large patio outside that I believe allows dogs, but once again, double check.

I've also seen lots of dogs at the Grand Cafe, but I am not a huge fan of its vibe, especially in the evenings. But the food isn't terrible.

Marketa just opened on the corner of 38th and 30th ave. Mixed reviews. But their backyard definitely opens up to the sidewalk, so theres a chance they allow dogs.

Ovelia is one of our favorites and I'm fairly sure I've seen dogs outside.

[Yes, they're still randomly shutting down the 7 this weekend because MTA hates LIC and I swear to god there is someone high up there that has an ex in LIC he wants to be inconvenienced all the time]
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Response by poster: We actually ended up at DBA, in the East Village. Perfect spot, they even had dog treats. I learned about BringFido from this thread, so that gets the best answer!
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