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Where do I find more of these perfect pants? Felt like pajamas, but acceptable to wear in public and to work?? AMAZING.

I recently bought two pairs of these plus-size knit capri pants from Avenue.

They were perfect. Not so loose they were frumpy. Covered my big butt/thighs without looking like a tent. Elastic waist so NO GAP IN THE BACK OMG. Looked professional enough to wear with a nice top to my casual workplace.

They felt like pajama pants and I would have happily bought all the pairs and lived in them all summer. So of course, they are being discontinued.

WHERE DO I FIND MORE OF THESE?? The site says they are rayon/spandex blend. Most of the other knit capris I've tried on like this are either too form-fitting, or so loose that they look like "lounge" pants, or they look tent-like on someone with a big butt and thighs.

All colors considered - neutrals are better for work (I bought 2 black pairs) but I like fun colors too!
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When it comes to comfy pants that I wear often, my go to vendor is Lands End.

Two knit, two non-knit easy waistband options I just found:
sport knit capri pants
sport knit crop pants
7 day crop pants (def can be worn to work and comes in multiple colors)
linen crop pants (on sale and sizes are starting to sell out)

They have an excellent return policy (in store or online) and you get 30% off your entire order until 23 June.
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They aren't knits so hopefully you'll be able to find a closer match, but CJ Banks has a Signature Comfort capri that I find to be super, super comfortable in the waist and I own several pairs.
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J. Jill's Wearever line may fit the bill here. They carry plus sizes, but in all sizes of their Wearever bottoms, they tend to be just a tad big, so you may order down a size depending. They release new colors and prints about 4-5 times a year, but generally the core pieces don't change - they also frequently do clearance sales. They tend NOT to carry their plus range in stores, which is an asshole move, IMO.
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