World Cup 2014 podcasts?
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What with work and family life, I'm not getting to see that much of the World Cup. I do, however, have some time each day to listen to podcasts while riding the bus to and from work. I'd like to listen to discussions and analyses of the various World Cup games while on the bus. Can you suggest some good podcasts?
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On my phone so can't link easily, but the Guardian's World Cup Daily has been an excellent source for the past two tournaments (haven't had a chance to listen to any of this edition yet).
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The cbc has a World Cup commentary following every game that's not too bad. If you have internet while on the bus you could watch that. They boil the game down to highlights as well so you can watch the entire game in about 10minutes.
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The Tunein app has a world cup category with lots of different stations, including one called "World Cup 2014". They also live stream ESPN's radio coverage of matches.
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Here's the World Cup Football Daily link. It starts off with the anniversary of the first Guardian Football podcast... (which if you're really bored and really geeky, you can relive the 2006 World Cup in their archives... not that I've done that...) Episodes are 20-40 minutes usually. If I only had time for one podcast this would be it, but I also love James Richardson and am a "typical Guardian reader".

BBC Radio's 5 Live also has a daily podcast which is a compilation of the day's reporting.

The Football Ramble is doing more frequent episodes, but it's not daily. More like every 2-3. It's good for discussion, not really analysis.
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World Cup Football Daily is the bomb.
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