Awoken to Striking Chords of Gold
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Can you help me find the song that rattled me yesterday morning?

Yesterday I woke at 7:04 to a series of chord progressions that set off something new in my head. My alarm app is set to ABC Jazz streamed out of Australia. Reversing the 10 hour time difference (I'm in L.A) puts me at the last 30 seconds of Ron Carter's "The Golden Striker" from The Golden Striker album.

I've search Rdio, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and LastFM and only find his recording of this song from the San Sebastian album, but by streaming it I don't hear the concluding chords that mystified me.

I want to purchase the MP3 or album, but I'd like to be able to hear the last 30 seconds to make sure it's what I heard yesterday.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Is this it?
posted by bethnull at 6:43 PM on June 18, 2014

Could it have been the first few moments of the next song? It looks like (if I'm doing the time conversion properly) the next song was "Die blaue Stunde" by Ralph Towner. There's a bit of it linked here, though I can't tell if that's the beginning of the piece.
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Choosing "View in iTunes" for the song from this page worked for me to hear the beginning of the Towner piece, though I had to ok iTunes opening the Australian store.
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Oh wait, sorry. I think I fail at reading comprehension. Well... at least you can hear the Golden Striker album version on grooveshark to see if it's the right song, even if it's not available in mp3 anywhere. The San Sebastian one is way longer, so definitely a different version.
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bethnull, thanks so much -- I didn't think of Grooveshark. I listened to the full song and I'm not hearing what it is--I don't think--or maybe I am not hearing now what I heard then.

jaguar --The song wasn't "Die blaue Stunde", but it's great to know I can jump to the Australian iTunes store!!!

I wonder how many different countries catalogs I can find in iTunes? I LOVE the iTunes store's vast array of songs to preview -- even more countries, even awesomer!

Thanks again, everyone, for your help. :)
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