Can anyone identify this nice London restaurant?
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Does anyone in London recognize this restaurant, I wonder? I think it's in London, anyhow. It might be in Europe.

This is for some journalism I'm doing. Any help much appreciated.
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Stools + no food on tables. That's a bar, not a restaurant. Maybe a hotel bar?

London's kinda asleep by now, you may have more luck posting this 5-6 hours earlier.

(there's a bunch of metadata in that image, including a thumbnail, but none of it appears useful).
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The furniture and fabric remind me of a Yates's Wine Lodge. There are plenty to choose from...
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Maybe this is where you got it from, but Google reverse image search produces this forum post which adds the caption 2008 - "London Meeting" + Luxury Hotel​.

So London Bar seems like a good lead. Maybe searching this same forum for a 2008 london meeting would be fruitful. Can you contact user "McCormick" or maybe "Steve Saber" who appears to have been at that event?

Ah, more googling-- these people are playing a MMO called Entropia, and here's a thread in which they plan this very meeting.
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I'm doing the hurry-up-and-wait routine on a remote demo for work, so I had time to page through this, and found this post, which offers a tentative schedule including venues:

Friday 2nd May - Drinks/ Dinner on the Thames - Time 19.00 - Venue The Anchor -

Saturday 3rd May - Drinks/Lunch - Time 12.00 - Venue The Gate Clock

Saturday 3rd May - Event - Time 15.00 - Venue (idea ?)

Saturday 3rd May - Drinks / Dancing etc - Time 20.00 - Venue - The Bug Bar
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