What is going on with my mail?
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My local post office happened to lose a piece of (certified) mail that was important to me- so I was busy chasing them around for the past month to no avail. However, today the green "return receipt" card finally arrived back on my doorstep. But unsigned and the (online) tracking still doesn't indicate it was actually delivered. Do they get sent back unsigned? Did it just fall off and get mailed here? Help solve my mail mystery!

Bonus question- it was sent to the NYSED, and I can't remember if they signed/stamped or dated the last "green receipt card" I received. Do they usually sign or stamp them with their address as a general rule? Thank you!
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I've never received the green card back without a signature or stamp of some kind. I'd be very suspicious that something went wrong until they could prove otherwise. Have you spoken with your local Postmaster? That's where I'd start.
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Anecdotally, the only piece of Certified Mail I ever sent showed nothing on the online tracking for the longest time. Finally it appeared back on my doorstep, with no signature but stamped "Return to sender."

I assumed this was because my asshole former employers refused it, but was also surprised they didn't require a signature to say "We don't want it." But I suppose you can't force someone to sign if they don't want to.
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Stop by your PO and ask. Mention you will involve the Post Master if it comes to that. Ask for his address if they are unhelpful and they will become helpful. If they aren't helpful look up his address (it's online). This stuff isn't a mystery. People will give you answers.

I send and receive a lot of mail. None of the tracking and updates and notes ever make sense to me and the answers I get as to why are often unsatisfactory. Elevating the problem has always worked.
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I don't often need to send Certified Mail, but when I have, I've never gotten the green card back without a signature or date received stamp of some kind on it.
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