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What's the best lubricant to go inside a condom to increase sensation for a man? Difficulty level: SSRI side-effects.

I started taking an SSRI right after my last long-term relationship ended, and became inorgasmic in a very short time. Previously, when things were good, twice a day (with a partner) for several days in a row wasn't unheard of.

After a long dry spell putting my head back together I'm active again with someone new. But it's still extremely difficult to climax without a condom. And if I'm wearing one, it feels like I'm wearing three or more.

I know condoms are best with lube inside, but I'll probably need something to add as big a kick as possible. I've seen heating/cooling/tingling lubes on sale so if they work and can help where I need it, I'm up for trying one or more.

Any recommendations? Advice?
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Something silicone-based. I've had good experiences with Pink. I haven't had much luck with the tingly stuff, but if you can order sampler packs of individually sealed lubes then you can try a bunch out. Check out good vibrations or Amazon.
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I've only had experience with Sliquid's "stimulating lubricant", but it definitely makes a difference. It seems to have a cooling effect on men and a warming effect on women, from what I've read. YMMV, and it's not the cheapest available.

Alternatively, here's a pack of 5 sample sized lubes of varying kinds you might like to try.

Whichever you choose, make sure it's compatible with the kind of condom you're going to be using.
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