Best iPhone app for fitness tracking?
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I was using Moves to track my walking and biking, etc, on my iPhone. It was great! Unfortunately, I felt I had to delete it once it decided to send all my data to Facebook. Are there any decent iPhone replacements for Moves? (I don't have a fitbit or anything except the iPhone (5S).)
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There's Openpaths and Saga

OpenPaths gives you more control of your data, but is a bit more dated (they are currently working to update it).
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What kind of exercise do you do, and what do you track?

I run, walk, canoe and lift weights. I use Wahoo on my iPhone to track my movements. It plays nice with my MIO Alpha heart rate monitor. I can then send the data from my workout to Training Peaks, which graphs the heart rate data to the location and elevation and slices and dices the data to tell me whether I am on track for training or training too much.

None of these applications interface with Facebook.
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Response by poster: What kind of exercise do you do, and what do you track?

Walking, biking, cross country skiing. It's mostly for curiosity---I liked being able to see that I biked 1.5 miles to work, or that during the day I had walked so many miles, etc. Basically, Moves did what i wanted (except for not recognizing skiing very well.)
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I really like cyclemeter/runmeter. Especially the function where you can setup the app to automatically email a google map link to someone when you start an exercise. This means that my wife always know when I start biking and would know where to look if I didn't come back.
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I use Map My Walk, but there are other apps in the same family. You can upload to FB or Twitter, but it's purely optional.

Actually, I just look specifically in MMW and you can log or record all sorts of activity. It's free, but there is a pro subscription that I don't need so I can't speak towards that end.
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If you're interested in being a part of a really great fitness community in addition to tracking things, I highly recommend Fitocracy. You can also use the app without being connected to the community - plenty of people do, and you don't miss out on anything. It lets you track various aspects of your workout (I've yet to find something I couldn't at least approximate on Fito) and you get points for it. You can also look back on your progress over time very easily.
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