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At work, I have been deemed the person in my group who should learn Microsoft Access. I am allowed to take a class. Can anyone recommend a good Microsoft Access class in NYC?

More context:

I have no experience with Access or any databases whatsoever. I am an fairly advanced Excel user with some VBA knowledge.

The main reason we want me to know Access is that clients keep sending us giant datasets in Access and we are sad because we don't know how to deal with them and then we have to ask for them to be converted into a billion spreadsheets, and that is embarrassing. But it may be useful to actually work with large datasets IN Access, hence, we have decided someone should have it on her computer and should learn it, and that someone is me. I give this background because I'm not certain of the level of competence I need to achieve in said class.

I'd prefer an in-person class to an online tutorial (but I can be talked out of this), because I am the type who is likely to get bored and skim through an online tutorial and thus not really learn enough, but who would not skip a class.

Any recommendations?
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We've always used New Horizons for this kind of training. It looks like they have a location in Midtown that might work for you?
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nth New Horizons. I took the Access class there and it was Excellent.

I would encourage you to look into using PowerPivot in Excel with any Access database you receive because that will make you a NINJA!
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I've taken New Horizons classes here in Metro-Detroit and I agree that they're good!
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I'm looking at their site and i see that the classes are "OLL" which means "online live." What does that mean? Is it a class in a location, or not?
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It should mean that the class is online, but takes place at a certain date and time (or multiple dates and times) during which live lecturing/webinar/Q&A type stuff would happen. You should double-check this with the provider, but my understanding would be that you wouldn't have to go to any specific location for the course, but you would need to be online, logged into the course on the given dates/times, using a computer which has the necessary software and online capabilities (possibly microphone/webcam or something similar).
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I took mine at the New Horizons site and it was taught live, with other students. They may offer it on-line for those who want that, but I actually enjoyed the class-room experience.

Call your local location and ask if they offer an in-person class.
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Yeah, I definitely want an in person class. I can't sit at work and do this. The reason I asked about the "OLL" stuff is because the classes that say that also have a location attached to them, which is odd if it is an online class. All the NYC classes say "OLL."
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