Suggestions for unusual, exciting condiments
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I enjoy foods that have a great deal of flavor. But I'm getting tired of the standard condiments you're likely to find in North America (like ketchup, mustard, Sriracha, Tabasco, salsa, or mango pickle). What are some new condiments for me to try?

Either recipes or commercially available stuff is fine. Major bonus points if the condiment is vegan.

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I like hoisin sauce. Not sure if it's vegan, probably?
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Sambal oelek goes on everything.
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Gentleman's Relish - definitely not vegan. There are recipes available to make it at home.
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Sweet chili sauce.
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Best answer: Chimichurri is fantastic. It doesn't have to be used on meat.

I like to take a can of chipotles in adobo and whiz it in a blender. It makes a really smokey, spicy sauce that's totally unlike something like tabasco.
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Ketchup need not be tomato based. You can get banana ketchup, cherry ketchup, beet ketchup...
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Worcestershire Sauce!! Amazing on mushrooms.
A balsamic glaze on vegetables is also great.
Mango chutney (I am partial to Major Grey's) - samosa's, pork, etc.
Pico de Gallo
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omg, ajvar. Ajvar ajvar ajvar. It is the best.

Zergut brand is probably going to be the easiest to find.
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Bragg aminos.
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Gochujang - super amazing. Everything from Korean-inspired chicken kabob to "mix it half and half with ketchup and eat the SHIT out of some grilled hot dogs".
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I am very much a fan of Gochujang. It's hot pepper paste - you can probably find it in a Korean grocery store. I was using various hot sauces before I visited Korea earlier this year, but now I'm on nothing but Gochujang.
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Best answer: Gochujang, doenjang, other -jangs (Korean condiments) are pretty good.
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Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it, so not vegan.

Banana sauce is great, but is usually so loaded up with artificial colours it practically glows.

Smoked paprika goes well on everything.
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Best answer: Piri-piri / peri-peri sauce! I like this brand, which I can find in grocery stores here in Toronto. It's a hot sauce with a really interesting bitter-sour citrus kick. I like it on many things, but especially poured into the hollow of an avocado and then eaten with a spoon.
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Mayo mixed with a ton of smoked paprika (pimenton).
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This entry looks like a stand-alone dish, but in any middle eastern or eastern european grocery store you can find it in jars - imam bayildi. Next to it you will probably also find jars of zucchini spread and various other delicious vegetable toppings. All vegan.

Also, try putting sumac on things. I really like sumac on buttered (buttery-spreaded, actually) toast, sumac on popcorn, etc.
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Sambal oelek has been suggested, but there are many other varieties of sambal that you can experiment with! Piri piri sauce is another interesting sauce to try. Szechuan chili oil can also be nice.
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What everybody said above. Also: gremolata, which is so simple, fresh and delicious on everything in the summertime.
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Fish sauce (use very sparingly if you haven't had it before) and peanut sauce are great for summer rolls.

See also Wikipedia's enormous List of condiments.
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Garlic Aioli

Curry Gewürz Ketchup

The Yumbii food truck mixes regular ketchup and sriracha together for a dip for their AMAZING sesame fries. So I recommend trying that.

Another yummy sauce you can make with existing condiments is Remoulade. This stuff is crack! It goes really well with Jerk and Blackened things (tofu?)

Pickapeppa Sauce
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I've heard some very good things about mushroom ketchup.
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Best answer: pickled lemon
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Filipino banana sauce (aka banana ketchup). I loathe tomato ketchup, but this stuff is great. (Comes in hot and mild varieties.) Not sure if vegan, but based on the ingredients list it's at least vegetarian.
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Furikake is soooooo delicious
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I really like branston pickle if you can get it.
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Oyster sauce is great for stir fry. Or if you're feeling especially dirty I grew up dipping a hard boiled egg in that stuff.

2nd gojuchang. Great again for stir frys. Or you can make your own bibimbap and add that in.
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2 parts mayo to 1 part Gochujang. Just had it with some chicken tenders and it was AMAZING. Everything is so bland in my household after being in Korea for years.
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Best answer: Za'atar! It's a blend of sumac, an herb called za'atar (which is several things), sesame seeds, salt, and maybe other spices. You can probably find it at any Middle Eastern market.
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3 parts mayo and 1 part sambal oelek... apparently this is called samurai sauce in Belgium and it's super yummy
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Hot lime pickle - we buy Pataks which is "safe for vegan" but I'm definitely going to make my own one of these days.
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Chinese fermented black beans, aka douchi. Throw a bit in a vegetable stir-fry.
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Manis Pedis sauce (a kind of sambal) is great on hot dogs, chicken, anything. It's like a spicy sweet ketchup.
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Tonkatsu sauce. While worcestershire is used if you make it yourself, commercial versions are often vegan.
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A personal favorite that doesn't have a name: In a mortar and pestle, pound together some whole, toasted coriander seeds with some grated lime zest. Mix with yogurt.
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I second Curry Ketchup. I have no idea why that hasn't caught on in the states.
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Lizano salsa so good on so many things
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You can make tahini dressing in different ways. It's great. It's a staple condiment at my favorite Swedish Zen temple, and everyone loves it. It might be the primary reason I keep coming back for those excruciating meditation retreats. Goes great with rice and tofu, all kinds of veggies, etc. Works very well together with soy sauce too.
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Ponzu. Not spicy, but tangy and citrusy and delicious.
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Best answer: What, no one has mentioned the incredible Matouk's? (Fiery but awesomely good.) If you must choose, go for the calypso sauce. Yes, vegan.
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Weird Japanese condiments that I personally love are furikake, seaweed paste (Gohan Desuyo), and enoki mushroom spread (nametake, which I buy in a jar but apparently there are recipes).

How about miso-based dressings? I use the one at the bottom of the Smitten Kitchen miso sweet potato and broccoli bowl recipe a whole lot. Replace the honey with agave syrup and it's vegan.
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ajvar is great on almost anything starchy, in sandwiches, with veggies dipped in, it goes with almost anything where peppers would be welcome - it comes in spicy or mild.

Also, seconding the fermented black bean sauce, gochujang, sweet chili sauce and banana ketchup.
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Best answer: Romesco sauce -- think pesto with roasted peppers and chiles instead of basil, and almonds instead of pine nuts. So, so good on everything: pasta, eggs, pizza, bread. Vegan.
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Kimchee is not actually a condiment, but like cole slaw it could be used like one.

I didn't note any votes for mustard products. There are many. And some will make your eyes water.
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divined by radio mentions pesto above; I'll second that and add that if there's a Costco near you, they make a FAN-TAB-ULOUS Kirkland Signature basil pesto. To die for!

Also: Trader Joe's makes a very tasty Pepper Jelly that goes well on sandwiches and salmon burgers.
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Best answer: How did I miss this? Thank goodness for Best of Metafilter!

* = probably vegan

Japanese mayo
* Garlic & onion jam (it's deep and sweet and savory, and great on sandwiches, with cheese, or to make a pan sauce)
* Yuzukosho
* Taberu rayu
* Black vinegar
* Ssamjang and gochujang (these go well in and on all sorts of surprising things, but it takes experimentation)

As a non-ketchup-fan, I still enjoy curry ketchup, Melissa's habenero ketchup, and the patently goofy Sir Kensington's Spooning Ketchup.

Not really condiments, but could be used that way: Japanese flavored salts, e.g. yuzu shio, ume shio, etc.; shichimi togarashi; fried garlic or onions...all vegan.
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I have become a fan of balsamic vinegar on non-salad foods. This stuff on coffee ice cream is amazing, for instance. The difference between real, aged balsamic and the grocery store stuff is beyond description.
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Make the picked raisins in this recipe. You can throw them on almost anything, or even just eat some as a snack. (I have no idea about the duck.)
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Black garlic. Smear it on thick

DIY: You can reduce basically any liquid into concentrated sunshine. I do whole tomatoes, citrus juices, cheap balsamic, bone broth gelatin, etc
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Best answer: I haven't gotten to try it yet but Cackalacky is a brand name for a sort-of BBQ sauce based on sweet potatoes. You can find recipes to make your own online.
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Maybe not traditional condiments in the way ketchup is, but I love pomegranate molasses, orange flower water and preserved lemons. Adding a little bit of one or all three of these things to food can really perk up the flavour.

Also "black beans" (which are actually fermented soy beans), fish sauce, hoisin, balsamic reduction, sundried tomatoes, sesame oil, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, liquid smoke, capers, caramelised onions and fresh herbs.
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A Lebanese garlic spread called Toum, okonomi (some say it tastes like a lot like Worcester, but I'd put it somewhere nearer to a plum based BBQ sauce), Japanese mayonnaise or even better the same mixed with Sriracha or Sambal Oelek to make dynamite sauce. There are a number of easy sweetened soya sauce recipes from Asia that can be whipped up in a Kecap Manis.

Then there is Indian. Hari (cilantro) chutney, Mint chutney, Imli (tamarind) Chatney that goes incredibly well with poultry. Spice blends galore like the famous garam masala or a spice and bean mixture from Southern Indian called Gun Powder/Podi which is typically sprinkled on Idli and Dosa, but don't let that stop you from trying it on something else.
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I was at Costco yesterday and they had a pineapple/habanero sauce. It was sweet with a bit of heat. Not at all fiery.
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Truffle salt has a unique umami(ish) flavor. I purchased mine at Whole Foods.
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I live in Austraila and have gotten hooked on Mrs. H.S. Balls Chutney. It's a South African product, but it's very popular here. It's a mixture of peaches and apricot. The last time I was in the US (FL), I saw they had started carrying it in a supermarket there. There's a spicy version too, which is excellent. Nice for the usual chutney uses—paired with curry and stews, but also really nice with pork, spread on a burger, or with grilled cheese.
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Best answer: I quite like dukkah. I have eaten it as a hors d'oeuvre dipping bread in it, but also cooked chicken encrusted with it ( the latter is obvs not vegan )
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Marmite! Marmite! Marmite!
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Horseradish and salsa mixed together is surprisingly, deliciously better than the sum of its parts. (Good on crackers, chips, bread, meat-dipping, etc.)
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