Finding Computer Chess Analysis
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When I was little I had a version of Chessmaster on a Windows computer, and the feature I found the most fascinating was that you could have the program analyze an entire game and the moves in it.

I don't just mean that it would give a move a score, or something, but it would straight out say stuff like that a move was strong or weak or good or bad and sometimes even go a little bit into explaining the why it was strong or weak or whatever.

So what I'm asking is this: Are there any programs or sites now that will do the same thing? I'd prefer something cheaper, obvs, but I'm willing to hear what's out there at all.
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lichess is free online and will analyze your games for you.
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Fritz is not free, but does this quite well.
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Much as I love lichess, it only analyzes the games played on lichess. I like chessx. which is free and does everything.
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I used to have a game with that feature for Win98 from Sierra Games called Power Chess. More here.

chessx isn't as snazzy, but I think it will have what you're looking for.
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you can get computer analysis of games that you play on
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