Football Game like Sensible World of Soccer 97
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I recently read this article which reminded me what an awesome game SWOS 97 was, particularly the football management side of it. My friends and I used to spend AGES playing this game. Is there a modern equivalent, or a way I can play SWOS with updated teams?

I have "Super Soccer Champs" on my Android phone which, I have to say, is pretty close to the SWOS experience but looking for other recommendations. Android preferred, PC is OK, iphone a distant third.

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What system did you originally play the game on? SWOS first came out for the Amiga.

They make emulator programs for most of the old game systems. Doing a very quick search, I see you can get an Amiga emulator here. It even looks like he has a list of game programs for the emulator, including SWOS. I can not vouch for this particular website, but I do know that with a little effort you can find an emulator program for any game system, and game programs to play on the emulator.
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Originally on the Amiga 500. So I could emulate it (using this app on my android) and then use this pack here for up to date teams? Seems I have a project for tonight!

Still keen to hear of any options that don't rely on some hard core SWOS fans keeping things up to date.
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You need New Star Soccer in your life
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