Best way to get audio from youtube videos into a Sony Walkman?
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I just received a Sony Walkman NWZ-W262 for my birthday. I am psyched about filling it up with music and using it at the gym. I'd love to transfer some music from my own CD's, but most of them are in storage. I don't have money to pay for new music. What I do have is a bunch of youtube videos saved whose audio I'd love to use for workouts.

I've Googled this a bit and I do see several solutions for supposedly getting Youtube audio into Windows Media Player and then into my Walkman, but they all require me to download some software. I want to make sure I'm not downloading something that would be harmful to my computer, or that will somehow try to charge me. I have zero money.

Has anyone done this, and if so which solution did you use, and did it work well for you?
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Best answer: Not software, but rather a website.

I've used this many times with no issues. It's ok to click on the "Download MP3" button - you won't need to install anything.
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Best answer: Ha, I just taught my son how to do this for his little Sony MP3 player. Besides using, I found it useful to use download the free Sony Media Go program, which is basically Sony's take on iTunes, and makes it easier to manage files on Sony MP3 players.

I was having a hell of a time using the Windows file manager to transfer songs onto the Sony Walkman, but Media Go seemed to help.

BTW, sometimes tries to download .exe's on your computer, so just watch for that and uncheck the box when they try to.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I am already marking this resolved because this process is so easy. I've already got a bunch of songs onto my Walkman!

One caveat to anyone else wanting to try this process, the ads on that site are pretty deceptive. Make sure you are clicking in the right place and not on an ad. Especially with the computer I am using (not mine) with effed up graphics and weird browser settings, it's somewhat hard at first to see where the real link is vs. the ad.
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I recently came across, which is pretty simple and quick. Doesn't seem like there's any dubious ads or the like with it.
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Response by poster: That last link looks interesting. I wonder how they make their money, though? If it's free AND it has no ads?
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I second, with the caveat that it sometimes won't let you load a bunch of videos in quick succession and will make you wait. That said, it's great for dumping youtube audio into a podcast.
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