What are these?
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My boss wanted me to throw these away but I have a feeling they might be useful to someone so I want to put them on craigslist instead. Does anyone know what they are / what they are called? They were components of a speaker system, I believe.
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How big are they?
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Are you sure they aren't off of some Chanel belt from the 70's?
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Diameter of about 14" edge to edge
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They look like the plate that goes between the magnet and the basket that holds the speaker cone. Normally they're just circular. Probably very specific to those individual speakers, and probably of no value except to that one-in-a-million person who needs a C-shaped bit of steel 14" across. In other words, junk.
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What kind of metal is that? They certainly have some scrap value.
You can always find scrappers to pick up free metals on craigslist.
Better to have metal products re-produced and used again, rather than put in a landfill.
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Get permission to put 'em on Craigslist, even if you're just giving them away. The company may have written them off as scrap, so if you do anything other than throw them away as directed, you could be setting your employer up for a tax hassle (or some other kind of hassle). Yes, I hate hassles like that, and lawyers suck and grar and so forth, but we made this society (or at least didn't complain enough when the people who did make it were setting it up to their own benefit) and now we have to suck it up.

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Those are easily obtained and not rare.

Throw them away.
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Thanks! I thought maybe it was some important part that would be helpful to someone. We've got a scrap guy, I'll give it to him.
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They're probably worth at least a C-note.
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