EMG on wrong side?
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The pinky and ring fingers on both my hands have numbness, tingling, very mild pain, or weakness typical of ulnar nerve compression. I've recently had my first EMG with needles, but when sticking the hand, the doctor stuck needles only near the thumb and index finger. Does it make any sense that they would test nerves only on the opposite side of the hand that has problems?

I've already spoken with the doctor about this, but my concerns weren't addressed. I was told that we'd go over it in the follow-up appointment.

I was also stuck in various places up my arm and in one place on the back of my neck. I don't recall most specific locations on my arm at this point, though.

If you've had a needle EMG for ulnar nerve problems, do you recall where on your arms and hands the needles were stuck?
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My husband just had one of these done about a month ago for similar symptoms as you. He describes that they stuck needles in him from his shoulder to his palm on the outside, then along his inner forearm. For the hand, they did needles along the outside of the palm up to about the knuckle, then in his thumb and index finger.

It'll depend on where they think your impingement is, but testing your thumb and forefinger are a way to help determine which branch(es) of nerve the impingement(s) affect - if they react normally then it's confined to the wrist vs the elbow or other potential impingements.

Good luck!
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