Where can I hire a formal dress in Sydney, with in-person fitting?
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Surprise! I'm going to a black tie event on Saturday night. I have nothing to wear and therefore need to hire a dress. Everything I can find on Google so far is an online order. I would prefer a brick and mortar building where I can try on someone's inventory of dresses; I've done this before in other countries so I know it's A Thing. Where can I do this in Sydney?

As I am (1) new to Australia and thus local sizing versus US and UK sizing, (2) have lost a fair bit of weight since my last dress hire, and (3) am also almost 5 months pregnant, I would really, really, really like to show up in someone's shop and do an in-person try-on and fitting, rather than do the online back-and-forth thing in the next four days trying to get it right. Anyone know of a place in Sydney that does this?
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Where are you?
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Response by poster: Bellevue Hill. But willing to travel.
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Best answer: Ok. I made some calls as I used to know a place....the lady I spoke to at Sydney's previous most famous one says that it's not generally done in Australia anymore. This seems about right...except if you're talking hiring a bridesmaid dress. And that's available in lots of places.

Alternatively...buying a dress outright might not be as economically different to hiring (and the pain of returning) a bridesmaid dress.

Try googling bridesmaids dress hire not formal wear hire. It seems that only men's suits are the formal wear to hire these days. It almost seems like a semantic difference.

Alternatively.. David Jones in the city, Elizabeth Street have beautiful dresses in maternity, plus size, formal etc..at every price range. But that's for buying.

Also....There are a billion wedding and bridesmaid dresses on Parramatta Road in the inner west. Starting at Annandale and going towards Petersham....around 20+ on both sides of the road.
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Response by poster: Cheers, taff. Not the answer I was hoping for but wicked helpful anyway. Thank you for making calls!
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I was hoping it was going to be better news. Hope you find something. And you have the energy to come to the Monday night meetup and show us pictures of what you found. Let us know what the solution was you found for the sake of posterity. And posteriors.

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