Trying to find Neurofeedback provider in Boston for ADD I have insurance
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I was doing Neurofeedback for ADD in Chicago. I worked with some therapists, and they gave me neurofeedback but charged it under mental health services, that way my insurance covered it . So I am in Boston now, in graduate school, and wow, my ADD is really kicking in! lol, I am really against medication and am trying like heck to find a provider that might be able to see me under my prior arrangement, so a person who is at the least a LSW who can bill my insurance, so that I do not have to pay out of pocket, it is just too cost-prohibitive for me. I have not had much luck, so I thought I might reach out to you Hivemind, see if you know anyone, or have any creative ideas for me. Perhaps there is someone in the area that is working on their eeg certification, not sure, but hopefully you might have some ideas and pointers for me. I just wish this service was covered by insurance already- uggh.
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I'm willing to bet your Chicago therapists were technically committing insurance fraud.
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Response by poster: Well, that wasn't the question. I am looking for a service that works but is not often covered by insurance. Looking for those who might have constructive ideas, thank you!
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Have you actually contacted your insurance company and asked what would be required for it to be a covered service? It looks like there are several different billing codes for neurofeedback, some of which cover sessions that combine talk therapy and neurofeedback (and which insurance companies do tend to reimburse) and some of which are more geared for biofeedback for physical medical conditions (and which are usually not reimbursed). If your insurance company will reimburse for the combined therapy/biofeedback codes, then they should also have a list of clinicians who can provide that service.
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Neurodevelopment Center in Cambridge has therapists on staff and may be able to help.
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