Looking for a daily to-do list type program, I think.
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I'm trying to find a calendar-based list program, where I can make a list for a given day in the future, and check off once things happen. One caveat, I need it to be viewable, but not edited by other people. ie: TeuxDeux.com would be perfect, but it doesn't allow for any read-only access. Standalone or web-based is fine, or if something like this can be done inside MS Outlook, that would work too. I looked at the Daily Task List in Outlook, but it doesn't seem to be able to work with shared calendars. Any ideas?
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Do you have Google calendar?
I think you are able to share your calendar(s) with others, and give them read or read/write access.
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Re: Google Calendars - do you know if there is a way to any way to keep things in the order they are created, not alphabetical?
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I'm afraid that I don't.
It looks like it first alphabetizes your calendars on the left hand side, and then alphabetizes your daily entries like this:

All Day Events by Calendar, for example Personal calendar all day events come before Work calendar all day events because P comes before W.

Then Timed Events by Time, regardless of what calendar they are in.

I just noticed this while researching your question. It's never mattered to me before because I'm just one guy working off 5 different calendars :)
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Yeah, that's sorta how I took it too (although I don't usually use Google Calendars, so it was new to me too). I ran into the same problem when I tried just using all-day events in a shared Outlook calendar, but they get alphabetized too. Its a shame TeuxDeux.com is missing that one feature, otherwise it would be almost perfect for my needs.
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If Google Calendar or Outlook does what you want except for the alphabetizing issue, just number your items as you add them to the list. That should keep them in the correct order.
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You could use Asana as a backbone and then write simple PHP to parse it and display but not allow editing. I've written similar things.
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