Android App to Remind Me to Stretch?
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I need an Android app that will remind me to stop and stretch my hands/wrists. Bonus for an app that shows what stretches I should be doing.

I do a LOT of data entry at work. This involves using the Tab key quite a lot to move between entry fields. I'm pretty sure that this near-constant, repetitive impact (as well as the position my hand rests in to do so) is a major cause of the recent pain in my left hand.

I have already changed keyboards, added wrist pads to the keyboard and mouse, switched up the fingers I use to tab, and am working on modifying my general typing posture. I am also looking into getting a foot pedal to assign the Tab key to. (I would appreciate recommendations here too.)

So I've taken care of most of the easy parts. What I have trouble with is remembering to take breaks. I can type/data entry for hours without realizing how long I've been working for. I know I would benefit from periodic stretching.

I would like an Android app that will remind me to stop and stretch. I'm mostly interested in hand/wrist stretches, but an app that includes other stretches that can be done at work may do me even more good. I've done some looking around, but most of the apps I've found have mostly meh reviews. Maybe I'm looking for two apps? One that reminds me to take a break and another that does stretching walk-throughs?

For reasons I'd rather not get into, I'd prefer not to install anything on my work computer. (I've already gotten permission for the foot pedal.) Also, an Android app would be usable at home too. I already use my phone for music streaming at my desk, so any notification type (sound, pop-up, vibrate, whatever) will be easily noticeable.
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I've heard great things about the Motiv-Aider. I had the stand-alone device and it was useful to remind me of things periodically.
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Why not just use the built-in timer?
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I use this app to remind me to get up and move. It's just a 20-minute timer.
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Why can't you just program the stock clock on your phone to alarm every hour, or 90 minutes, or whatever you want?
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Response by poster: Yes, I can use my phone's timer, but I'm really interested in the stretching aspect (mostly wrist and hand) and would love an app that has stretching instruction. If it doesn't have it's own reminder function, I can use it with the timer I already have.
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Best answer: I iike StandApp ( It has a variable timer along with videos of the exercises it suggests. Each break is about 5 minutes. There is quite a bit of customization to the app (slightly more on the iPhone version than Android)--setting interval, scheduling exercises you like, etc. While the emphasis is on standing up & moving, several of the exercises stretch arms, hands, wrists. For data entry, the neck, back, chest, eye strain, shoulder, and others would be beneficial, too. (More detail than you need & tutorial here (self-link.))
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Response by poster: StandApp appears to be pretty much what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, the Android version seems to be really broken. I downloaded it to check it out. It could be a bit more customizable, but otherwise it had the functionality I'm looking for. The unfortunate part is that it refuses to fully exit. Even after a force stop, it popped back up to the foreground in a couple of minutes. I had to uninstall. Also, no arm/hand/wrist stretches in the Android version. Really nice concept, though. I hope it gets fixed for Android soon.
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