What Sylvia Plath poem am I thinking of?
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It mentions her father but it's not "Daddy".

It has something to do with his death or his burial. As I recall, he isn't mentioned until later in the poem. I think it's in Ariel but can't find it. I found it on some poetry website that has since reformatted (Poetry Foundation?) and it was linked with a bunch of other poems about dead fathers.
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Electra on Azalea Path ?
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The Colossus ?
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Electra on Azalea Path - thank you!
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Could it be Full Fathom Five?
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The only other poem from Ariel that it could be is "Berck-Plage" but that is not about her father's death; it's a different older man who died, and the poem never explicates the poet's relationship to the subject. But it is poetry and some of the imagery is related to the images in "Daddy" so one could make the argument that she is also talking about her father's death in this poem as well.
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