Paint my decorative garden fish!
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I am usually pretty crafty but for the life of me can't figure out what kind of paint will suit my needs - semi-to completely permanent, will stand up outdoors year round, semi see-through, pretty colors, for glass.

Over a decade ago I bought at a craft fair, a decorative fish that has happily adorned our rose garden since his purchase. He's made up of two components, copper and glass. The copper has aged wonderfully, being the stake that goes in the ground and then tubing that has been bent around a round glass float that makes up his fish body. There are also copper fins.

When I first purchased him, the glass float/bubble was painted with lovely swirly blues and greens. But now he's completely clear. While still beautiful, I'd like to restore him to his former pride. I've looked at Michaels and Joanns, as well as some broad level googling, and can't figure out what I'm looking for. Most options seem to suggest the glass paint for fake stained glass (suncatchers), which will give me transparent, pretty, and for "glass" but I have my doubts about durability. Any thoughts?
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Best answer: Pebeo makes paints specifically for glass. Vitrea is definitely one of them and vitrail might be another. They might have another line. No promises about weather resistance because I'm on my phone.

You're more likely to find it at an art supply store than a craft store, but some big box craft stores might carry it.
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Best answer: Seconding the glass paints from Pebeo - there just aren't that many translucent paint-on-glass products, but from what I gather, Pebeo's products outshine whatever you'd find at Michaels.
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Best answer: It looks like there is a Pebeo line for use outdoors. I have never use Pebeo.
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Response by poster: Just as a follow up, our local art supply store did indeed have Pebeo. We picked up a sample pack, and once we hit a point where it's not raining daily, I'll have a go at it. Thanks to everyone!
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