Where to watch Ghana vs USA in DC?
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Sadly the Ghana Cafe is closed, and now my dad and I need a new venue to watch Ghana vs USA tomorrow. Hoping to find a place with fans of both teams, a clear view of the TV without jostling or dodging, and preferably Tusker or other African beer available. Any recommendations, DC mefites?
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Roger Miller in Silver Spring is a possibility, it's got a TV and I'm sure the game will be showing (the owners are Cameroonian and it's actually named for a Cameroonian footballer), but it's a small venue and I wouldn't be surprised if it's really crowded for the game.
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Summers in Arlington (a block from the Courthouse Metro) pretty much has everything. Soccer Schedule link. Ireland's Four Courts pub, which is coincidentally very close to Summers, is also an option. I'm not a beer drinker, so you would need to check with them about the beer question.
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Response by poster: Oops, sorry for the late clarification, but it really needs to be *in DC*. Thanks!
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I was just at Lou's City Bar in Columbia Heights and they're showing a bunch of World Cup games. Unsure about Ghana but you can call and ask? They may not have the beer but it wasn't too crowded when I was there.
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(Well, keep in mind that if you can't find any place in DC proper, please consider Arlington. Note that Arlington is part of the DC metropolitan area, and the 2 places I linked to above are just 2 subway stops in to Virginia from DC, i.e. right across the Key Bridge from Georgetown. You can walk to DC proper from this neighborhood in about a half hour. Heck, we even have a Ben's Chili Bowl, which is a DC institution, that just chose to open in this neighborhood, not too far from Summers and Ireland's Four Courts.)
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Response by poster: Yes, I work in Courthouse, I'm familiar with the options there. But I am really looking for a bar in DC that is not just showing the match (aka everyone) but also is likely to attract Ghanaian soccer fans. African beer seemed to be a good indicator.
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Best answer: The Washington Post is suggesting Bukom Cafe in Adams Morgan as an alternative. It lists Tusker on its beer menu.
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