What's showing, Netflix?
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Is there any way to see what movies are available on Netflix (at least currently, and preferably also things that were available at one time or another)? After poking around their website, I can't find any way to search unless I want to Start My Free Trial TODAY!!!
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Have you tried canistream.it?
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This site has lists of popular titles and a searchable database.
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Seconding instantwatcher.com
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Yikes, thanks very much! That was much easier than I had any right to expect! (I'm mystified that Netflix wouldn't want to just tell me what it had, though. Why would I sign up for something without knowing what it was?)
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Netflix used to have their DVD and stream library open few years back. I don't know why they closed it.
Now you have to rely on 3'rd party sites.
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Note that Netflix is planning to shut down most third-party API support in November. The post lists the few "select partners" that will remain jacked into their matrix.

I just confirmed through a private browsing window that without a cookie you can still reach individual DVD pages [e.g.] and title/actor/etc. search pages [e.g.], but you can't get from the former to the latter directly (although once on a search page you can enter another search term). Here is a generic search page that you could bookmark.
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As a warning, I have found canistream.it to be about 90% accurate, rather than 100%. I'm not sure how that is, given that they're presumably jacked into the Netflix API. But if I'm looking up something I'm really desperate to see, I will occasionally double check directly on Netflix and get a different result.
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A Better Queue is another way to browse the movies that are available on Netflix instant.
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