Affordable intermediate sailing lessons in NYC: is it possible?
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Ahoy! I've taken (and enjoyed) Manhattan Sailing Club's basic intro to sailing course and been on the water several times in other places. I'm now looking for a way to continue to sail and learn in New York on the weekends. Is there anywhere you can take a non-beginner class with an instructor without emptying your bank account?

The closest I've found is TASCA in Queens, where you can repeat beginner classes for $300--but there is no class for those who've already taken beginning instruction; and Atlantic Yachting where you can pay for individual lessons at 5:30 on Wednesdays (not possible with my work). Would love some help getting some more practice on the water!
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Have you considered traveling further out to the burbs?
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Have you considered joining manhattan sailing club? Or one of the other clubs like Hudson River sailing? The next step is to get more time on the water and all of these clubs have programs to get new sailors out with experienced members.
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I came to rec Atlantic yachting but see you're familiar with them. Have you called them to see if they have any ideas? They were super nice and helpful when I needed them. Other than that, I know there are yachting clubs in the city, maybe call them for recs?
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