Kate Wolf Music Festival
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Thinking of going. Could use some tips, hints and tales.

I've never been to a festival like this before and want to know what I'd be getting into.

How crowded was it? Did you feel like you were there, or too far away to really hear the music? (I found Hardly Strictly Bluegrass way too crowded to enjoy.)

I'd take a tent and camp. Did you? Did you take food or buy, and if you bought, how was the food and how were the prices?

I really love a lot of the musicians who will be there, but I'd hate to go and feel like i couldn't really enjoy their music because I was so far away or crowded out.

I'd love to hear about any other experiences you had, or be pointed at your blog entries, or other useful articles.
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Oh, and how big is the place? Would it be helpful to have a bike, or just an annoyance?
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