Will my GPS cigarette lighter adapter work overseas?
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I am going to Ireland. Yay! We forgot to request a GPS with our car rental so I'm bringing mine from home (USA) in case they don't have any when we get there. Unfortunately, my GPS no longer holds a charge and has to be plugged in to work. Will my US cigarette lighter adapter work in an Irish car?
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The lighter adapter will work fine. Does your GPS have maps for Ireland?
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Yes, it'll work fine. Good tip about the maps, be sure to load them on before you travel.
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Yes, all cars run on 12V - no US/Europe/Anywhere difference.

But check you have Irish maps, as they don't automatically come with US purchased GPS products.
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Yes, I have an Ireland map. Thanks!
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If you have a smartphone, you can use that. My wife and I got Tesco SIMs for both our phones off eBay and topped them up before we left. Waze worked fine in most places (even without service, it will cache the maps around your route as long as you have service at your starting point). If you don't want to get a SIM for your phone you can get an offline GPS app for it.
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