60s garage-pop in not English? (or French)
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I'm making a Spotify playlist of rare 1960s garage pop not in English. French Ye-ye music is well covered online, I'm full up on that. But other than a couple of hints about Italian and Spanish singers from the Wikipedia Yeye page I haven't found much else. Give me your favorite examples of danceable, hip, poppy, swinging 60s tunes from other parts of the world!

Definitely not interested in: sappy ballads, instrumentals, acid-rock, prog, funk, disco, jazz, or anything later than 1969. Will accept 1950s R&B, Vegas-grind-style cocktail lounge, doowop, merseybeat, blues-rock or blue-eyed soul. French-speaking music not from France also acceptable. Bollywood-friendly but please suggest specific songs! (there's a ton of stuff from each artist on Spotify). Spotify links are quadruple points. Ta ra ta ta ta ta!
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http://www.papelcontinuo.net is a favorite for older Spanish pop.
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A wee bit derivative, but how about this?
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Peru's Los Saicos
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You may be interested in these two albums of Eastern European surf music.
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(The second volume, for some reason cited as "Volume 3" on Allmusic is the better one.)
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A wee bit derivative, but how about this

So that artist is called Janwar? Artist and/or song names are super helpful, and translated covers of the Beatles and the like are exactly what I'm looking for!

Thanks for the help so far!
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Chilean Nueva Ola. It's really, really bad.

Sergio Inostroza - Bienvenido Amor

Peter Rock - Entre La Arena Y El Mar
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Unfortunately those comps arent on Spotify griphus, but they did lead me to george & beatovens (terrifying name) who are, and who lead me to Eva Pilarová who is even more awesome.
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Los Teen Tops - Popotitos
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You might want to check out Spanish Garage.
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Los Salvages (Spain) - Todo Negro, Fuera de mi Corazon, Rosa de Papel.
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Chenko: amazing stuff. apparently there was a huge garage/surf scene in Peru? There's like 10 comps on Spotify with Los Saicos on them. Just scraped like 30 tracks. Jackpot.

Signal, those are really good, not bad at all, sadly neither of those folks was on Spotify. However there are a couple playlists called "Nueva Ola" which yielded some 24 Carat Gold. Thank you thank you thank you!

Digging all these specific suggestions too, keep em coming and I'll link to the Spotify playlist later! (I'll stop threadsitting now)
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The movie it's from is Janwar; the singers are Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle.
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This one might be too late 60s for you, but it's great.
Dum Maaro Dum, sung by Asha Bhosle again.
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The Israeli High Windows trio (החלונות הגבוהים)
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My favorite Peruvian garage band by far is Los Yorks. There are a billion South American garage bands with pleasantly fuzzy recordings and (usually) Spanish lyrics, but it's not something I'm that crazy about. Hans Pokora's Record Collector Dreams series is a good place to get a thorough rundown.

Plenty of French Canadian bands, like Les Lutins.

Dara Puspita
was an Indonesian band with a really interesting history and some rocking tunes. They had a greatest hits album released by Sublime Frequencies pretty recently.
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Cambodian Rocks
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There's a lot of great stuff on the Subliminal Sounds label, but a particularly good place to start would be the Thai Beat A Go-Go albums (volumes one, two, and three).
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The Beatles sang a few German-language versions of their own songs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komm,_gib_mir_deine_Hand/Sie_liebt_dich (not on Spotify unfortunately)
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Adriano Celentano was a lot of fun back in the day
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There's a cool Nuggets-style compilation of Iranian psych, fusion, garage and surf type stuff called Pomegranates. You've gotta include at least ONE of these songs on your list, they're great.
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Don't know if this fits the bill, but Dias De Blues
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Also some good stuff here:
Make Do & Mend
Galwad Y Mynydd
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Yay! Great stuff. Love all this. Many suggestions not on spotify but used them to find soundtracks and related artists on comps. Here's the playlist! I'm going to torture/titillate my coworkers with these golden greats.
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You know the Love, Peace and Poetry comp series, right?
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If you're looking for Brazilian stuff, the term is Jovem Guarda.

Roberto Carlos
Erasmo Carlos
Celly Campello
Os Incríveis
The Jet Blacks
Renato e Seus Blue Caps
Eduardo Araújo
Os Vips
Ronnie Von
Golden Boys

If that's not heavy enough, then maybe you'd like the psych compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas.

Os Mutantes may be too acid rock for you, but they definitely were huge fans of all this.
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