What iPad app can I get for my Luddite child to record in harmony?
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I'm listening to my 10-year-old daughter use two old iPhones (A and B) to record herself in four-part harmony. She records on A, then plays that while singing the second part and recording on B, then plays that on B while singing the third part and recording on A again. Surely this can be done on a single iPad, with better fidelity.

I'd love to get an app for the iPad that she can use to make these recordings on a single machine. Ideally it would have simple-to-understand controls, because she goes to a Waldorf school and has very little technological exposure.

I assume I should also get her a microphone? Anything else?
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Best answer: I can't think of any reason not to start with GarageBand.
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Have you checked out loopy? I don't know if it'll fit your needs exactly, but I remembered seeing it on Kimmel.
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The name of the type of app you're looking for is "multi-track recorder". There are a ton of them out there, including GarageBand. She doesn't even really need an external mic; just headphones so she can hear the playback of the other tracks while she's recording the next one. But an external mic would be nice.

Alternatives to GarageBand: Portastudio, MultiTrack DAW, Multi Track Song Recorder, Meteor Multitrack Recorder

Portastudio looks pretty simple, as does MTSR. I'm not including Auria or Cubasis because I'm pretty sure they're overkill. Of the ones above, the only one I've used is GarageBand, and using it is pretty straightforward. Plus it has virtual instruments, so she can have a full backup band if she wants one.
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Nthing Garageband but want to add...your daughter is showing some really tremendous creative thinking skills and should be wildly applauded for this!
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Garageband by a mile, and yes, keep on improvising and experimenting like that.
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Response by poster: I've set up GarageBand, and she loves it. I bought her headphones too, and showed her Apple's Esa Pekka Salonen ad. She's now working on a cello quintet from the Portland Cello Project, and is excited that she'll be able to play all five parts and hear it.

And I passed on kinetic's comment, which made her blush. Thanks for making my kid's day.
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