Transmuting Abuelita into chocolate pudding
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Cooks, do you think I can make chocolate pudding with Abuelita hot chocolate tablets and coconut milk?

Although I have no milk or cocoa powder, I have Abuelita chocolate tablets, lite coconut milk, half and half and cornstarch. I want to make chocolate pudding. Can anyone predict why this might not work or help me guess at reasonable proportions? Thanks!
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You could modify this recipe.
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Recipe: Chocolate Pudding (With Coconut Milk)

Uses cocoa powder and 'coconut milk tonic' which appears to just be thinned, vanilla-y coconut milk
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Yup, it worked - I whisked one chopped up Abuelita disc into 14oz coconut milk, brought to boil and thickened with 2T cornstarch stirred into 1/4 c half & half. It's pretty sweet and not coconutty at all, and it should pass just fine as a pie layer. Thanks!
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Okay, so looking at the ingredients list, the tablets are mostly sugar (about 74% of the tablet, if I'm reading their nutrition facts right) and dutched cocoa (which is most of the rest, aside from enough oil and lecithin to keep it in tablet form). So, given those ratios, if you can find a recipe that has a 3:1 ratio of sugar to cocoa, or you have extra cocoa or sugar you can add to the recipe to get it to that ratio, you should be able to use them in it.

On preview, glad you got it to work. :3
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