Where can I find a book titled "The Long Green Tunnel"?
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I seem to remember a book from when I was a wee lad, called "The Dark Green Tunnel", or so I believe. Any help finding it?

Ok, this would have been around 1985-ish or so. It had something to do with some kids finding a long, green tunnel (duh!) in this swamp, I believe. I think this because I remember them using a canoe or something to go thru the tunnel, which had alot of trees and vies along the sides. After that, I don't remeber much more. I've tried google, but to no avail.
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Best answer: Did you really try Google? I googled ["the dark green tunnel"], and the first hit is a link to a page on Amazon. It's available there.
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Best answer: The Dark Green Tunnel, by Alan Eckert was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.. I have a copy of it here on my shelf.. And yes, it's available on Amazon..

The Wand was the sequel.. which was also quite good...
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What did you type into Google? I need to know.
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Response by poster: i swear to god, when i typed it in, all it came back with were links to nature and hiking pictures. thanks though!
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