What can we do with flavored (olive) oils?
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We have two bottles of really tasty flavored oils (one is jalapeño olive oil and the other is olio piccante, some sort of spicy Italian oil) and we're looking for ideas on what to do with them. They don't heat well (the flavors dissipate quite a bit), so we're looking for suggestions on what to do with them. We like to drizzle them on soups right before serving and over hummus. Any other great ideas?
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Drizzle them on soft cheeses before serving with crackers.
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Make them into salad dressing, add them to roasted peeled peppers with some smashed garlic, make aeoli with them, drizzle over roasted vegetables....
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Drizzle over roasted, steamed or otherwise prepared veggies - spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, butternut squash, eggplant, broccoli, green beans ...

Toss just-cooked pasta with cheese, salt and flavored oil.
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In Italy and France, the spicy oil is drizzled over pizza. Can also add a kick to pesto. Toss hot roasted potatoes in the oil.
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These, like specialty salts (e.g. smoked, pink Himalayan, Maldon, Murrey River, etc), are 'finishing' products, not to be actually cooked with. The less you heat these oils, the better. A drizzle over a finished pasta, yum! On hummus is a great idea. Or simply served in a bowl with some crusty bread on the side, and some balsamic vinegar. Adding some to tuna or egg salad would work too--use a little less mayonnaise.

For that matter, you could make a mayonnaise/aioli with them that would go beautifully with all sorts of things.
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One word: chimichurri. It freezes really well and it's pretty much the best marinade/condiment on earth.
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This sounds like fried egg territory, to me.
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Dip bread in them.
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Mix into mashed potatoes.

Drizzle over tomatoes and mozzarella, with or without a fancy vinegar, with or without crusty bread.

Drizzle the olio piccante over roasted fish.

Top your tacos with a little of the jalapeno olive oil.
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drizzle on tomato slices. optional: fresh mozzarella slices also.

put little bowl on table for dipping really good bread into, like in restaurants.
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Make a personal platter of cheese, with several selections. Slice your favorite type of bread into bite-size morsels and add to the platter. Include a few olives or a dab of jam if you like. Then, pour some of your fancy oil in a little side bowl to dip your bread in, and enjoy! I did this very thing for lunch today with light rye bread, la sauvagine, goat cheese, and buffalo mozzarella to contrast with my oils. To be honest, I gobbled down each portion of cheese and then had some bread dipped in the oil as a "palate" cleanser before moving on to the next one. Deliciousness! Don't forget to add wine.
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On top of a cooked veggie burger without the bun
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Quick pasta aglio e olio. Heat with garlic, just add a little salt and crushed red pepper if you like spicy, then pour over pasta and maybe add some fresh parsley and parmesan cheese.
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Add fresh black pepper, rock salt, chili flakes, garlic powder (or better - fresh garlic!) pinch of rosemary, pinch of basil (fresh is always better) and a pinch or two of finely grated Parmesan. Dip hunks of bread or toss over raw greens with squashed olives.
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I've had a jalapeño olive oil + chocolate strawberry combo that was quite good. Not sure exactly what it was, unfortunately.
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jorlyfish, I could definitely see two ways to do that:

Simple: core the strawberry, drizzle inside with jalapeno oil, dip in tempered chocolate.

Slightly more intense: make a powder (1:1 by weight maltodextrin:oil in a food processor) of the oil, stuff the core, dip in tempered chocolate.

But it's not quite strawberry season yet, so please, please wait until you're getting the super sweet, red all the way through, real strawberries.
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Drizzle over pizza.
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Grilled haloumi + spicy olive oil = divinity.
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On top of the hummus is great as you said. Also on top of pasta and cheese is great too.
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Toss with fresh hot popcorn and salt.
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