Digital Humanities Course for Art Historian?
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What is a good digital humanities/digital visualization intro course or workshop for me? Difficulty level: immediate, NYC/London.

[asking on behalf of my wife –rustcellar]

I am a PhD candidate in ancient (Roman) art and am looking to add to my skill set by getting some basic training in digital visualization technologies. My dissertation is on a building that no longer stands, so the ability to do simple 3D reconstructions or to populate 3D environments would be great, but really anything I could use in teaching, conferences/lectures, and publications would be a great addition to my CV.

That said, I’m not a designer or draftsperson (free-hand or digital), and I’ve never done any digital design work beyond nifty powerpoints. I know I can’t go from not being able to draw a cube to being a master of architectural drawings, so I’m okay with not mastering complex drafting software like AutoCAD, but I’d like to see if there are programs that I could be introduced to and maybe see if it’s worth pursing mastery in one or two. (Google Sketchup? Photoscan? Other programs I don’t know about but could be useful?)

Logistical parameters: I have been given grant money up to $1200 for training in the digital humanities, BUT I would have to use this before the end of the summer. (I was given the money for a specific program in but then wasn’t able to attend the program; hence my search for a last-minute replacement.) This is made trickier because I am leaving for London at the end of July to be in London and then Rome for dissertation research. Thus a course or workshop would have to be here in NYC in June/July or in London in August.

I do not need course credit. My university has a design school but it’s not feasible to just audit a class there because it’s two hours away. If there’s an opportunity that doesn’t meet my logistical parameters I’m open to those suggestions as well, in case I re-apply for funding or continue to pursue this in coming semesters.

Thank you!
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The DHSI workshop in Oxford this summer would be a good option and it isn't too far from London - the one in Victoria is great and offers something like 24 classes on everything from programming for humanists to databases, and I've found their classes perfectly focused on what people in Arts need.
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