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I'm looking for a Twitter client for Windows 8. Failing that, I'm looking for a way to force Win8's Metro apps to run as desktop apps, or a way to log back into a Twitter client that I've previously used.

I'm running Win8, and really, really want a Twitter client. Ideally, it would be a standalone application, but I can deal with a FireFox app if that's the best option.

The bare minimum of what I want from a client is the ability to mute users/keywords/hashtags and support for multiple accounts. It would also be super great if I could have popup notifications of @ messages, in-line previews of images, and if it could NOT do the thing where it jumps to the top of your feed every time someone posts.

TweetDeck is ok, but I have a bunch of accounts that I use, and managing that is basically impossible. Also, TweetDeck is unrelentingly horrible for reading back. I've previously used Janetter and loved it, but I'm on a new computer, and attempting to log in takes me to Twitter, where I'm told that the app isn't allowed any more users at this time. (I've used it previously under the same screen name/s, so I'm not sure why it has to authenticate again, but...) HootSuite is ok, but doesn't mute, doesn't do inline previews, etc. MetroTwit was the holy grail of Twitter clients for me, but they've ended support for it, and for whatever reason it no longer picks up changes to my account--if I follow someone new, they don't show up; unfollowing someone doesn't mean that they stop appearing in my MetroTwit feed.

I'm perfectly happy to pay for something--throwing money at Tweetium or Tweetro+ is just fine--but I emphatically do not want an app that throws me into the dreaded Win8 Metro interface. Is there a way that I can force one of these apps to run in desktop mode? Please help!
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I use Janetter. It works pretty good and does everything you ask.

Edit: Ack! It looks like Twitter has changed their policies and you can't register new accounts on Janetter at this time. Sorry!
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I miss Janetter. Like you, I had it before, but had to switch machines (or, more accurately, got 'upgraded' to a new OS on the same machine, but close enough) and now can't log in anymore.

Partly because of how awful Tweetdeck and are, partly because I needed to cut back anyway, I've pretty much given up on desktop twitter. Almost all twitter reading I do anymore is on my phone (or in response to the one-in-three mentions I get an email notice for...).
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You can run Metro apps as desktop apps with ModernMix.
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I use Classic Shell to put Windows 8 into 24/7 desktop mode. Without Metro Win8 works lovely. Have had no issues at all since then. You can then install Modern Mix, as linked above, as a further control.
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If you still have access to your old computer you can copy the app data from Janetter onto your new computer and continue to use the program on your new machine, without having to get a new token from Twitter.

Install Janetter on your new computer. Don't sign in to Twitter. On your old computer, find the folder with the app data (on my Win7 computer it's located here: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Jane\Janetter2). Copy that folder to the appropriate place on your new computer, and you'll be good to go.
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Seaculorum, that was exactly what I was looking for and failing to find--thank you.

JonathanB, I'm going to try that if I can get the old computer to boot--that was excellent. Thanks!
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Bless you! It worked!
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