Looking for a specific Bloom County strip
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I'm trying to find the Bloom County strip where they made the "President James Garfield as Garfield the cat" joke ("Presidents don't respond on Mondays"). I've looked at this site which has a strip archive, and searchable text, but no luck. It was definitely in one of the original printed collections. Any idea which book it was in, or an approximate date, so I can track it down?
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My husband, for some unknown reason, had this strip clipped and kept it for a very, very long time. It's in the house somewhere; I'll see if I can find it.

Other things that might help you in your search - there were other fake comics represented in the strip - one was a Brenda Starr-type illustrated thing set at a nuclear plant. The woman is holding a file folder to her face, thinking things like "oh, he's single and he's cute! I wonder if he'll notice me" and the guy is saying "Hellloooooo, nose!" and in the next panel, she's pulled the folder down from her face, and she's crying, except she has an elephant trunk instead of a nose, and she's saying "HE NOTICED!!!"
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On my phone, but I found the strip by googling "atomic Mary bloom county" (sans quotes).
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Best answer: Why hel-lo big nose!
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I'd have to wait until I get home to confirm, but I think it was in Bloom County Babylon.
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It's in color on page 75 of Bloom County Babylon (1986).

Small brag: My copy is signed. Somewhat concerned that I have no recollection of how, when or where that may have happened.
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Mother Goose and Grimm
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Response by poster: Shoot, if I had remembered it was in that color "parodies of comic strips" one, I would have guessed Bloom County Babylon right away.

Thanks all!
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