Machine sewing with only bottom thread - is this possible?
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What is this machine sewing technique called? I read a sewing encyclopedia a while ago that had a section on an unusual method of loading the machine that involved pulling the bobbin thread from the bottom part of the machine through the needle...

...then doing....something? and sewing just with that thread--no top thread, no overlocking. I think it was a Singer encyclopedia of sewing. I don't know the name of the technique and all my Googling has proved futile.

It's been bothering me for weeks. Tailors, please hope me!
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Best answer: You can pull a long tail up from the bobbin and thread it through the needle to sew a dart from the apex up or (less commonly) a short seam. It's done so you have a secured end without needing to back stitch or tie off the ends, nice for high-end sewing and on delicate fabrics.

I usually see this called a couture dart (or single-thread dart).
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Best answer: It's apparently also called a one-thread dart.
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Response by poster: That's it! Slightly easier tutorial here.
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