Neo-noir film from the last 10 years?
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Help me remember the film I'm thinking of. Takes place in a small town in Kansas or Nebraska or somewhere. Raining hard throughout. Somebody has something valuable that he stole from a bad guy. Bad guy owns a bar. Beautiful woman seems like an ally but turns out to betray the protaganist. She is killed by him in the end. She is a Kim Basinger type. Protaganist is a John Cusack type. Bartender is an older actor with a biggish physique.
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Best answer: You might be thinking of The Ice Harvest, though a few of the details are different, like I don't think it was raining the whole time.
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Perhaps Red Rock West ?
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This is just a guess, because I never saw the movie, but I remembered Minnie Driver had been in a film with some of those plot points. It was called Hard Rain.
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Could this be a misremembered Following?
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Response by poster: Ask me nails it, two minutes. Ice Harvest. I was right about Kansas, it wasn't rain, it was an ice storm, the Kim Basinger type was Connie Neilson, the biggish bartender was a strip club owner played by Randy Quaid, and the John Cusack type was John Cusack.
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the John Cusack type was John Cusack

As it so often is.
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