Looking to purchase a particular Trappist jam in the U.S.
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My esteemed coworker bought some apricot jam in Parma, Italy, and we'd like to buy some more.

It is this:


which comes from the Monastero Trappiste Vitorchiano,


and it is crazy good. We're thinking about ordering some from the UK site I listed first, but I'd rather buy it in Boston/Cambridge or online a little closer to home if we can. Has anyone seen this for sale elsewhere, not from the UK or Italy?

Thanks! We will sing your praises, mentioning you by name (or username), while eating our toast, if you can help us out.
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I used to get this Trappist apricot jam at Market Basket in Somerville when I lived there. It's not what you're looking for, it's US-made, but it is the best of the apricot jams I've tried here, and I'm someone who obsesses over apricot jam.
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There is a Cistercian abbey in Wrentham, Mass., and the sisters there make wonderful candy. They also offer a bunch of stuff in their gift shop that comes from other abbeys; perhaps you could contact them and ask?
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Have you tried Eataly in NYC? Maybe give them a call.

Formaggio Kitchen maybe too?

But it wouldn't surprise me if something like this wasn't imported to the US.

Also that holyart website is very very cool.
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Dragoness was eating jam from Spencer Abbey in Massachusetts.

Their online distributor is Monastery Greetibgs and they sell apricot preserves.
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Also suggesting Trappist Preserves. The Cistercian monks of Spencer Abbey have been making delicious jams for years. They're a little pricey (~$4.00 per jar), but totally worth it.
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These Cistercian monks make jam, and are on my way to work. I'd be happy to send you a jar if you just want to try it. Or you can order online. Take a look.
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Thank you all so much. I am in Massachusetts and am quite familiar with that Trappist brand, but I haven't tried their apricot yet so we'll put that one into the rotation for now. Appreciate the recommendations.
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p.s. Thank you for the generous offer, oflinkey! I will probably be out that way eventually and will stop by someday.
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theredpen, the jam oflinkey linked to is the same one I was referring to.
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