Is this technology possible?
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Once again while driving tonight I did not hear an ambulance's siren. This happens to me all the time, and it's not related to being on the phone or listening to music. It would be great if there were a way to transmit some type of signal that could be heard in cars within so many yards of an emergency vehicle. I'm not sure how this could work, or if it is possible. I imagine the ambulance would deliver some signal that could be picked up in a car outfitted with a sensor. What do you think?
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I suppose it's possible in several ways, in Minneapolis we have lights on the signal light posts that blink when emergency vehicles approach an intersection, but most people hear the 120dB siren from a few blocks away.
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Yes, and take advantage of existing car electronics. Add a warning condition when emergency vehicle is within 500 feet or increments. Flash interior lights at a certain pattern and emergency vehicle emits a certain radio frequency to activate it. It could play an audio message. Or maybe emergency vehicles could activate emergency broadcast system inside vehicle within range.

Something could be added to all new cars, some perfect device, maybe Wifi, then after 7 years nearly all vehicles have it as standard equipment. Wifi might be perfect technology to do all kinds of things like this. We'll all have onboard computers soon.
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You might try a wide-angle rear view mirror?

(Doesn't answer the question you were asking, but ...)
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Yes, it is called a siren detector and is widely available for deaf drivers.

The streetlights actually use a pulsed infrared system called Opticom and I guess one could invent a device that used that too, but it is possible for vehicles to have sirens on but Opticom off (for example if the fire truck is parked next to a signal and doesn't want it to change) so I'm not sure that would be useful.
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It already exists and is built into several models of radar detectors, such as this one.
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I was driving a car in France three years ago that did this. Over the radio, a recorded voice broke in and said "ralentissez, s'il vous plait". I looked in the rear view, and there was an ambulance approaching.

This was in a rented VW Passat.
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Look up the Rumbler siren. It's an "infrasonic" sound that is so low that it carries far and in a way that penetrates most noise-quieting cars. It's extremely effective at getting your attention, and it's coupled with a regular siren (which is helpful for directionality, etc.)

Naturally, any videos you find won't give you the full effect: part of it is the special nature of the speakers it uses, but they're a reasonable facsimile of what they sound like, and they're growing more widespread.
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Interesting to know that the technology is already in use in some devices, like the radar detectors listed by dcjd or the car rented by gimonca. I figured I couldn't be the only one who would benefit from this. Thanks all!
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Once again while driving tonight I did not hear an ambulance's siren. This happens to me all the time...

Please forgive me if this is inappropriate: have you had your hearing checked recently? I live in a 12th floor apartment, yet sirens drown out talk, phone calls and TV. You should hear sirens in your car.
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Are you sure the siren was going? In my area, ambulances don't always use them unless they're approaching an intersection or they're moving so fast that people need the extra warning. They often run with just flashing lights.
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