Problem with logging in to Gmail [or other google accounts]
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Over the last month, google informed me that my gmail account had been hacked several times. Each time I dutifully changed my password (on the official google site--not the link posted in the warning email). Now, however, I am running into a problem. I can no longer log into to gmail on any computer that isn't one of my home computers or iphone. Every time I do I get the notice from google that "Your password was changed [x] number of days ago." I keep re-entering new password and nothing happens but the above message. Any advice? thanks
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Your password isn't what you think it is, and if you log out from your home computer, you wouldn't be able to log back in. Change your password again and set up two factor authentication.

Change all your other passwords, too. Somebody probably has control of every account you own, at this point, if you haven't.
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Empath is right - that message means that you are entering the wrong password. If you haven't changed it, someone else has.
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Thanks for the help. Is there anyway this can be done via my iphone? I'm away from home computer for 5 days?
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First thing to check: are you sure you're using the right password? Do you have the caps-lock on? Are you sure you're not entering an old password out of habit? Even if this turns out to be the case, getting hacked multiple times is suspicious.

Since you continue to get hacked even after changing your password, my guess is that you have some spyware/malware installed on your machine that is sending your login details to the hacker, and it is possible that they've decided to reset your password and take over your account. At this point, you'll need to do a few things to get back into your account without the hacker causing you problems:
  1. Disconnect your computer from the internet and use a known good computer to do the rest of the steps. If you cannot disconnect your computer, you may be able to use your iPhone for the following steps, but I would avoid using any 3rd party apps that aren't from very large, trusted companies (e.g. games), especially apps that aren't from google but require a google/gmail sign-in.
  2. Using a web browser, go click the "need help" link on the gmail sign-in page; this will launch you into a wizard that will help you through the process of regaining control of your account.
  3. Once you have control of your account, enable 2-step verification so that your hacker can't log in as you again.
  4. Change the passwords on all accounts that you've logged into on your computer, or that use your gmail address as the email on the account. Make sure you pick a strong password or passphrase. (to be safe, just change them all).
  5. Clean off the malware on your old computer. deezil's profile has great instructions for doing this.

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