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The lady and I would are visiting Palo Alto Saturday night. Where should we go for a fun date. Would like to eat, do a fun activity or see a fun thing (though i am on crutches at the moment), and have cupcakes for dessert.
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Best answer: See a classic movie at the Stanford Theatre. It's beautiful, highly romantic, has a Wurlitzer organ with an organist that descends below the stage, and is accessible with crutches. Have fun!
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Best answer: If you're around downtown, I'd go for Atrahasis's movie recommendation then hit up Evvia Estiatorio is Kokkari's sister restaurant and is just as delicious. For a less spendy option, I'm a big fan of Oren's Hummus Shop. The new Delfina will probably be pretty good too.

Near Cal Ave, my favorite spot is Sundance Steakhouse, which is cosy and dark with old school service and delicious prime rib. I'd follow that up with playing table hockey or people watching at Antonio's Nut House (although walking might be a pain since it's like 7 blocks - a closer alternative will be Bodeguita del Medio, which has tasty Cuban food).

I have not found anything else to do here. I usually do homework for fun.

Oh also, since it's graduation weekend, you should make any dinner reservations you need to ASAP.
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Best answer: +1 on the Stanford Theatre on University Ave, You can also go to Sprinkles at Stanford Mall for cupcakes, though you might have to switch up your order since they may close earlier than the showtime
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Best answer: Fred Astaire is the current subject at the Stanford; this weekend it's "Easter Parade" and "Follow the Fleet."

They say Palo Alto has three downtowns but I won't address the midtown on Middlefield at Colorado. The other one, along California Avenue is the former Mayfield's, a wet town annexed into Palo Alto in 1925. And of course there's all the wonders along University Avenue people will be suggesting like the aformentioned Stanford.

But here's a cool secret place, sorta near the Nut House, kind of between California Ave and Fry's - a mostly-outdoor Italian restaurant called the Caffe Riace. It's been there for years, and is wonderful on a summer evening. And now, right around the corner, something new -- a statue of Nikolai Tesla.

As for the cupcakes: bakeries on and off University Avenue. That's a wonderful place for an even promenade; not so much, with crutches. My suggestion would all be right around a small parking lot.
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Best answer: There's a cute French macaroon (the sandwich ones, not the coconut ones) place on University across from the Apple store, a couple blocks down from the theater. They have a couple tables and serve tea as well.
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Response by poster: You folks are good! Thank you!
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Response by poster: We parked at the theater, bought a ticket, walked around one corner to get gelato, went to the movie, then walked two blocks to eat a lovely dinner at Bon Vivant. Beautiful day, beautiful area, had lots of fun. Thank you for the tips!
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