How to find a starting job?
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Just graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and having hard time getting a job.

Recently graduated with a degree in Industrial Eng. and having hard time finding work. I have applied to close to about couple hundred places and haven't had any solid offers yet. I have done two internships and my resume seems pretty solid. My GPA is just below 3.0 and therefore haven't included on the resume. How do I connect with people on LinkedIn to increase my chances of getting hired? I have been applying online on Indeed and Monster. What other resources I can use? I am also working with my school's career services dept. I have been very discouraged as it's been a month since I graduated and no work. Specially in engineering. I have been applying everywhere in the US. Im also a US Citizen. What other jobs can I apply as industrial engineer?
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My advice is to be patient. A month is nothing in job hunting. When you say no solid offers, that implies to me that you are getting interviews. Is that true? If so, then it's entirely possible that one of them will bear fruit. It just takes time for the wheels to turn.

I'd also recommend going beyond the online job engines. Research companies you'd like to work for and send a resume and cover letter detailing why you specifically want to work there. They may have openings that aren't advertised.
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Apply directly to companies instead of just job sites. Does your university have a career center and are you taking advantage of it? Do recruiters come to your school? Have you looked at engineering job sites and industrial engineering professional organizations? Let the people know you're looking where you did your internships.

Have a couple of people you trust review your resume. Another set of eyes can point out things we overlook because we've looked at something so many times. Read a few job hunting/interview books to get a new ideas and pointers. Also, most state unemployment post jobs too. You don't have to be receiving unemployment to take advantage of their services.

On LinkedIn, link to your former internship coworkers/managers and the classmates that were in your program. They may be able to help if they have jobs.

Looking for a job takes a tremendous amount of time and work. Keep at it.
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A lot of that stuff is going on here in China. Check out some international job boards - if you're young and willing to travel, there are good opportunities abroad.
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Does your university have a career center and are you taking advantage of it?

Many schools also have alum networks of graduates willing to help/mentor other graduates. It may be a mailing list or it may be names and contact info of people willing to be contacted. This is probably one of the best ways of finding jobs.
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You could try a staffing firm. I think Aerotek is the largest for engineering jobs. Google "Engineering staffing firms".
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Response by poster: I have tried getting in touch with Alumni through LinkedIn and schools alumni page. But no one has actually replied.
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