Eating not-quite-cured bacon?
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So I've got a slab of bacon curing in the fridge (in spices, salt, sugar + sodium nitrite). It's been in there for 3 days, out of the eventual 7-10 it will cure. I want to make carbonera tonight, and would love to use this certainly-much-yummier bacon than the normal store bought stuff. Any contraindications to eating half-cured bacon?
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It's still just pork belly. Should be great!
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I have absolutely no knowledge of the science involved, but uncured bacon is definitely a thing. I eat it all the time and I think the taste is indistinguishable from cured bacon. But YMMV.
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Upon slicing into it (what? you thought I'd wait for an answer?) it does appear to be about half-cured in a linear fashion (the skin side the uncured one). Bacon and pork belly? Yes please. Thanks!
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It'll totally be edible as is. It just won't be as flavorful as the fully cured action. Just slice some off and go to town; make sure to rinse your cure off of it, and pat it as dry as you can. In fact, if you throw it into a low (200°F) oven for 45 minutes to an hour (depending on how big your piece is) you'll get really good results once you actually cook it up.
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uncured bacon is most assuredly a thing. cut it into very thin slices and cook with your carbonara as usual.
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Huh, according to this the "uncured bacon" I've seen on U.S. supermarket shelves is actually still preserved in a brine of salts, just a brine that doesn't include nitrates. I had assumed that it was just a marketing euphemism and was simply cooked pork belly or something. I'd have thought the brine would still count as curing, but that's food labelling for ya...
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Just FYI, "uncured" bacon is invariably going to include celery powder or something similar that [for some stange reason...] is extremely high in nitrates.
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Oops, sorry, it even says that in the page I linked to but I misread it.
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Yes, you can eat this. You will be absolutely fine. Treat as any other raw meat, cook till nicely done, and enjoy your carbonara.
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